Trump says white people also killed by police, when asked about George Floyd – live updates

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One week after police in Phoenix, Arizona, were caught on camera surrounding a parked car and killing a man inside, a young woman is coming forward with footage of a brutal assault by another officer in the department.

Mariah Valenzuela, 23, was pulled over one night in January for a minor traffic violation. Body-camera footage obtained by the Guardian shows that the officer involved, Michael McGillis, would not tell the unarmed woman why he stopped her, and that seconds after she said she didn’t have ID on her, he tackled and slammed her on to the ground, injuring her head, face, hands and legs.

Police footage also documents another officer instructing the policemen on the scene to “cover your ass” in the paperwork.

Following the incident, Valenzuela was taken to jail, accused of resisting arrest and “creating a substantial risk of physical injury” to an officer. She was also cited for DUI even though her blood alcohol content was well below the legal limit.

“He grabbed me and threw me on my car and kept slamming my head,” Valenzuela, a mother of two, said in a recent interview about the officer’s sudden use of force. “I was really afraid. It was dark and there was no one around.”

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Trump has signed an executive order ending special status for Hong Kong

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Ginsburg is hospitalized

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Asked about George Floyd, Trump says white people also killed by police

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Redfield: Fall and winter will be ‘one of the most difficult times’ in US public health

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Trump administration agrees to rescind policy on foreign student visas

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Ghislaine Maxwell denied bail

Ghislaine Maxwell has been denied bail in New York, over charges arising from her alleged involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking of minor girls, to which she has pleaded not guilty. If convicted, Maxwell faces up to 35 years in federal prison.

Prosecutors said the Briton was an extreme flight risk. Defence attorneys said she would be endangered by Covid-19 if held in custody. The judge, Alison Nathan, sided with federal authorities.

Adam Klasfeld

A slow build-up to an inevitable conclusion: Bail denied.

“We are hereby adjourned.”

July 14, 2020

Maxwell’s trial date is scheduled for 12 July 2021. It is expected to take about two weeks.

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Ghislaine Maxwell is appearing (via video link) in court in Manhattan today, for her arraignment and bail hearing, facing up to 35 years in jail over her alleged involvement in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking of minor girls. She has pleaded not guilty.

Federal prosecutors do not want Maxwell to make bail, arguing she poses a flight risk. The defence argues Covid-19 will pose a serious risk to their client’s health, if she is held behind bars. No decision on that yet – the trial date has been set for June 2021.

Victoria Bekiempis is in court for the Guardian, and she has been filing updates.

Prosecutors read a statement from one of Maxwell’s accusers,” she writes, “identified as Jane Doe. Maxwell, the statement said, ‘enjoyed drawing her victims in with perceived caring’. The same accuser also described Maxwell’s ‘sociopathic manner’.

“An Epstein accuser, Annie Farmer, spoke to the court by phone. Maxwell ‘tormented her survivors’, she said.

Maxwell was arrested earlier this month at a remote property in New Hampshire. On Tuesday US attorney Alison Moe recounted a remarkable tale:

A real estate agent involved in the property’s sale in November 2019 told an FBI agent two people seeking to buy it who introduced themselves as Scott and Janet Marshall “both had British accents”. The man said he was “retired from the British military and currently working on a book”. The woman said she was a journalist.

The woman who introduced herself as Janet Marshall was in fact Ghislaine Maxwell, Moe said.

Here’s Victoria’s report in full:

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