Links 6/27/2020

Dolphins Are So Smart They’re Learning Tool-Use From Their Friends ScienceAlert (Kevin W)

7 Things in Our Universe That Have Astronomers Scratching Their Heads Interesting Engineering

Mystery of Earth’s Vanishing Crust Solved by MagLab Geochemists – Prevailing Theories Contradicted SciTechDaily (Kevin W)


Hump!, the online porn fest that wouldn’t have happened without quarantine ars technica (Chuck L)

Kenya: 3 people killed in clash with police over face masks Associated Press

US Music Festival Billed as ‘COVID Herd Immunity Fest’ Changes Name After Backlash Sputnik


You may want to avoid reopened restaurants after reading this new JP Morgan report on coronavirus outbreaks Fortune (David L)

Coronavirus Traces Found in March 2019 Sewage Sample, Spanish Study Shows New York Times

The Soviet Vaccine Strategy That Could Be a Coronavirus Weapon Popular Mechanics (resilc)


Swedish exceptionalism has been ended by coronavirus Guardian (resilc)

Traffic light system for safest destinations will be introduced so families can book summer holidays – as ministers agree to open air corridors for dozens of countries Daily Mail

Covid-19 was in Spanish sewage as early as MARCH 2019, study claims RT. Kevin W: “Not yet peer-reviewed from what I understand.”

‘The atmosphere was ugly’: Bournemouth aghast at beach chaos Guardian


Coronavirus: US has ‘serious problem’, says Fauci BBC. A little late to conclude that.

Gov. Greg Abbott orders Texas bars to close again and restaurants to reduce to 50% occupancy as coronavirus spreads Texas Tribune. By contrast, and I am not making this up, the local Home Instead thinks it’s reasonable to send an aide who works 2 to 3 days a week as a bartender in a bar to care regularly for a 92 year old with COPD. Oh, and the official line is “We can’t tell them what other jobs they can take.” How about not keeping them on?!?!

Florida Governor Scoffs at Fresh Virus Tactics: ‘Like What?’ Bloomberg

The Coronavirus Surge in Florida, Arizona, Texas Isn’t the Same as New York’s Crisis Wall Street Journal

Tom Brady AGAIN defies coronavirus rules to work out with teammates… and posts FDR quote about not ‘fearing’ COVID Sun (resilc)

Newsom Announces New COVID-19 Modeling Website, Open-Source Tools For ‘Citizen Scientists’ CBS San Francisco (Chuck L)

Over 150 College Athletes Contracted Coronavirus After Being Pressured to Practice Vice (resilc)


U.S. Consumer Spending Rebounded in May, but Virus Surge Poses Economic Threat Wall Street Journal

Covid-19 Killed the Era of ‘Big’ Flying

Damien Klassen on What Will Burst the Bubble | ABC’s The Business MacroBusiness

China-India Row

Galwan Valley: Satellite images ‘show China structures’ on India border BBC

After deadly border clash, India faces uncomfortable truths about its reliance on China Washington Post

Gunmen injure Mexico City police chief; 3 dead Associated Press (Bill B)


Why Iran won’t be broken Pepe Escobar, Asia Times (heresy 101)

Trump will bless Israeli annexation of 2 ‘population centers’ on West Bank and cite Bush letter of ’04– Israeli diplomat Mondoweiss

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Snowden: Tech Workers Are Complicit in How Their Companies Hurt Society Vice (resilc)

California City Bans Predictive Policing In US First Reuters

Mobilewalla Used Cellphone Data To Estimate the Demographics of Protesters BuzzFeed

Facial Recognition Bill Would Ban Use By Federal Law Enforcement NBC

“Free Speech” In The US Empire Is As Illusory As “Free-Range” Eggs Caitlin Johnstone (Kevin W)

As Advertisers Revolt, Facebook Commits To Flagging ‘Newsworthy’ Political Speech That Violates Policy TechCrunch

Imperial Collapse Watch

America Is Facing 5 Epic Crises All at Once New York Times

Trump Transition

Trump says he signed executive order to protect monuments CNN

Judge orders US to free migrant children from family detention, citing virus spread Guardian

The Case for Self-Enforcing Streets Transportation Alternatives

Trump’s use of Pentagon funds for US-Mexico border wall illegal, court rules The Hill

New York City will paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ on street in front of Trump Tower The Hill


There Is No Plan. There Is No Second-Term Agenda. Esquire

Supreme Court Rejects Call for Universal Vote-by-Mail in Texas Bloomberg

Black Injustice Tipping Point

The Struggle for No Police in the Los Angeles Schools: a Great Leap Forward and Victory is in Sight Counterpunch (Heresy101)

“Master bedroom” and “Master bath” won’t be used in Houston’s real estate listings anymore Boing Boing (resilc)

Police and Big Tech Are Partners in Crime. We Need to Abolish Them Both Vice

The Retreat from Globalization Project Syndicate (David L)

American Air to Book Full Planes, Shelve Social Distancing Bloomberg. I flew American last month. They were never social distancing. One flight was oversold, one had only a couple of free seats, and the other two legs were >80% full.

Blackstone skips payment on $274m hotel loan Financial Times

Lenders to Ailing Companies Circle Wagons to Fend Off Distressed-Debt Investors Wall Street Journal

Why venture capital doesn’t build the things we really need MIT Technology Review

Class Warfare

University of Michigan employees can form bargaining units without formal elections, regents decide Michigan Live (mark n)

Antidote du jour. ChetG sent several pix of pollinators in light of recent discussions in Links; this is honeybee:

And a bonus (guurst):

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