Coronavirus live news: WHO reports record global cases as South Africa reinstates alcohol ban

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In the UK, more than 100 outbreaks of coronavirus are cropping up every week, health secretary Matt Hancock has revealed, announcing that there would be “more targeted local action and less national lockdown”.

The Hancock wrote in an article in the Telegraph that small localised lockdowns in affected communities and new portable walk-in centres were helping to get many outbreaks under control “swiftly and silently”.

The lockdown imposed on Leicester after a surge in infections, the first of its kind in the country, will be reviewed by Hancock this week.

The paper reports that door-to-door testing, which was used in the worst-hit areas of Leicester, is to be used more widely to curb outbreaks in the coming months. Portable walk-in centres will also be stationed in areas where there is a flare-up of the virus:

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WHO reports record rise in global infections

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South Africa reimposes ban on alcohol sales

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