Why Your Fitness Level Is Irrelevant in the Selection Process at Runtastic

Through sports we have the power to change lives. And while we want everybody working for us to identify with our vision, we would never ask anyone to work out if they don’t want to. You don’t have to be athletic to work at Runtastic!

Compared to other companies, we probably have a higher rate of very active employees at Runtastic. Yet what actually makes us strong as an organization is that we are smart, emotionally intelligent, and love what we do (nobody said we were humble…).Runtastic employees working the officeRuntastic employees working the office

“I run sometimes – slower than Internet Explorer on a 56k dial-up modem, but I still run,” our Infrastructure Engineer Georg proudly explained. He would not consider himself sporty, yet he is a crucial part of our Ops team. After all, we are not just a sports company, we are also a tech company. That’s why we are always looking for brainiac candidates who love to collaborate and find solutions together.

We all have different schedules and goals

Everyone’s busy, right? And actually it can be quite a challenge to squeeze in a workout when you’re already juggling a career and social/family life. That is another reason why we don’t force anyone to work out or use our products.

Just like we plan our careers differently, we view fitness and a healthy lifestyle differently. While some of us do not care about nutrition/fitness at all or don’t consider ourselves athletic, others try to get in shape at some point to lose weight or keep up their marathon pace.

Apart from our fitness levels, we also set different health goals. Babsi, our Head of HR, fell in love with yoga when she started working here. Martina, Head of Product Design, is truly proud that she has outgrown a few of her t-shirts because she developed arm muscles from Push-Up Thursdays. Her team member Ana, in turn, is always highly motivated to improve her running performance.

Working for Runtastic can also mean doing Yoga as a team

Working for Runtastic can also mean doing Yoga as a team

We are as diverse as our target group

It’s true: we are just as diverse as our users. From couch potato to marathon runner, our company benefits and our adidas Running app and adidas Training app try to accommodate as many needs as possible, and also consider employees’ valuable feedback when tinkering with new products and features.

We do try to make it easy for everyone if they feel like being active. Sports lovers in the company really enjoy the chance to do lunch runs or workouts on our terrace. Our products and features like the Workout Creator in the adidas Training app are developed for people who face the same dilemma as QA Engineer Vici, who considers herself “a bit too lazy to follow a rigorous training plan”.

We share a vision, not a workout routine

Team spirit is one of our core values, and this goes beyond just a fitness or work context. Sometimes (actually quite often) just hanging out together or having fun at various company events is what shapes our company culture.

Once the selection process is done working for Runtastic also means fun

Once the selection process is done working for Runtastic also means fun

Our recruitment and selection process is not based on where you come from, what you believe in, whom you fall in love with… or how fit you are. As long as you share our vision of changing lives through sports, you will be welcome at Runtastic! 

Working at RuntasticWorking at Runtastic