US election 2020: more than 70m Americans have voted early – live

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A second night of protests unfolded in Philadelphia last night over the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr.

Jeff Neiburg

October 28, 2020

Wallace Jr, 27, had mental health issues, said Shaka Johnson, a lawyer representing the family. The young man’s brother had called 911 asking for an ambulance to help this brother – the dispatcher was told that Wallace was suffering. But instead of an ambulance, police arrived, Johnson said.

“To think about calling for assistance and winding up with the people you called for assistance killing you,” he said. Justice means “reform in the Philadelphia Police Department and adequate training” he added.

As a side note, the election result in Philadelphia could determine the outcome of the entire presidential race. Biden needs a strong Democratic turnout in the city and its suburbs to overcome what is expected to be a Trump lead elsewhere. Pennsylvania looks from the polls like the state most likely to put one candidate or the other over the top.

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