UK reports 36,480 new cases – as it happened

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Flu and Covid jabs safe to be given at same time, study finds

Flu jabs are safe to give at the same time as the Pfizer or AstraZeneca Covid vaccines, according to the first clinical trial to investigate co-administering the shots in a single appointment.

While some people experienced more side-effects with certain combinations of flu and Covid shots, the ailments were mainly mild to moderate, the study found. The most common side effects included pain at the injection site and temporary fatigue, headache or muscle pain.

Blood tests on the trial volunteers suggest there was no negative impact on the immune responses to either flu or Covid vaccines when the shots were given one after the other, in opposite arms, though one of the flu vaccines, FluBlok by Sanofi, appeared to be more potent when given alongside the Pfizer jab.

Researchers on the Combining Influenza and Covid-19 Vaccination (ComFluCov) study said the findings supported recent advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) to offer Covid boosters alongside flu jabs this autumn and winter, where it is practical to do so.

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The UK government is to announce new rules to enable football players who travel to red zone countries during the international break to play upon their return, but conditions will be stricter for those who have not received the Covid-19 vaccine.

Plans would mean returning players would be forced to enter a quarantine similar to that experienced by Olympic athletes in Tokyo this summer. Allowed to train and play matches from the day of their return, players would otherwise be confined to a hotel room for 10 days.

It is understood the new regulations – which are expected to be announced on Friday – will apply only to players who have had both vaccine jabs.

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UK government announces further funding for adult social care infection control

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South Africa eases Covid restrictions to lowest alert level

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