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Sunak faces Starmer at PMQs

PMQs is starting soon.

Here is the list of MPs down to ask a question.

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Key events

Sarah Dines (Con) says an entire town, Bakewell, has been debanked by NatWest. As the government is the main shareholder in the bank, will the government do something about that?

Sunak says all customers should have access to banking services.

He says a new cash deposit services will be provided for Dines’ community.

Ed Davey, the Lib Dem leader, says many of the supposed 40 new hospital projects promised by the government are not progressing. Why do doctors and nurses have to suffer for years in unsafe conditions.

Sunak claims “good progress is being made”. But it is right that hospitals with Raac concrete problems need to be prioritised.

Philip Hollobone (Con) asks Sunak to back the redevelopment of a hospital in Kettering.

Sunak says the government is committed to this project. Work should begin in the first quarter of 2024, he says.

Stephen Flynn, the SNP leader at Westminster, says it is snowing in Aberdeen. Kids will be pleased, but not their parents, who dread the energy bills. Does the PM regret not offering financial support this winter?

Sunak says it is wrong to say that the government is not offering people financial support.

Flynn says it is hard for Sunak to emphathise when he clearly cannot understand what people are going through. He says the SNP thinks Scotland should benefit from Scotland’s energy.

Sunak says the energy grid in the UK is integrated. There are cold weather payments that kick in, and winter fuel payments, he says.

Starmer says there are few things more depressing for Tories than hearing Sunak has a plan. It is fitting he turned to Greek matters this week, because he is the man with the reverse Midas touch. Everything he touches turns to – the home secretary will have the correct word, he says.

Sunak says Labour backs inflationary pay rises. It has no plan for welfare. The government has just delivered the biggest tax cuts since the 1980s, and brought in investment worth £30bn, he says.

Starmer says Sunak seems to be the only person in the Tory party who does not have a personal immigration plan. His own side have lost faith in him. So why should the public trust him?

Sunak says the government is taking steps to control immigration. He says Starmer once said immigration laws were racists.

Starmer says if Sunak thinks that meeting the PM of Greece is siding with the EU, he is digging himself further into a hole. He says he is prosecuting a one-man war on reality.

Sunak says in the past Starmer said having controls on skilled migration was economic vandalism.

Starmer says Sunak has no plan to cut small boat crossings.

Sunak says small boat crossings are coming down. And he says Starmer will always put the interests of the EU ahead of the interests of Britain. He says only this week he said the EU anthem was the music that best sums up Labour.

Starmer asks why the PM humiliated the Greek PM by cancelling his meeting with him.

Sunak says it became clear that the Greek PM just wanted to grandstand. And he said he went back on an assurance (about what would be said in public about the Parthenon marbles). Sunak says, when he makes agreements with people, he expects people to keep them.

Keir Starmer says, to conceal his failure, Sunak spent this week arguing about an ancient relic of little interest to the public. But that’s enough about the Tory party. He asks how the Conservative is doing in terms of reducing immigration.

Sunak says the government announced the toughest measures ever to reduce immigration. It will affect 150,00 student dependents. And he claims Labour’s plan would lead to an extra 100,000 migrants coming to the UK.

(This claim is misleading, as this Full Fact factcheck explains.)

Greg Smith (Con) asks what Sunak is doing to continue his support for Israel.

Sunak says he welcomes the extension of the ceasefire. And the government will continue to hold Iran to account, he says.

Gavin Newlands (SNP) asks about energy standing charges in Scotland.

Sunak says these are a matter for Ofgem. They have launched a consultation. The UK government provides a cross-subsidy worth £60 to people in Scotland, as well as the UK-wide energy support.

Rishi Sunak starts with the usual spiel about his engagements – meetings with colleagues and others etc.

Sajid Javid tells Covid inquiry lack of experience in Johnson’s cabinet ’caused difficulties’ during pandemic

At the Covid inquiry Sajid Javid, the former chancellor and former health secretary, is giving evidence. The inquiry has just been shown an extract from his witness statement in which he said that Boris Johnson’s cabinet lacked experience, and that ministers were chosen “with a preference for loyalty over experience”. He suggests this “caused difficulties” during the pandemic.

Extract from Sajid Javid's witness statement
Extract from Sajid Javid’s witness statement Photograph: Covid inquiry

Sunak faces Starmer at PMQs

PMQs is starting soon.

Here is the list of MPs down to ask a question.

PMQs Photograph: PMQs