Lower Body Workout >> 7 Resistance Band Exercises for Abs, Legs and Butt (+ Video)

Easy to store, fun to use, and effective – resistance bands add variety to your workouts. Whether you want to increase the intensity of specific exercises or put together a quick running warm up, resistance band exercises are a great way to work even the smallest muscle groups and are suitable for any fitness level. 

Try a resistance band workout today and see for yourself! 

Workout Video: 7 Effective Resistance Band Exercises 

Check out our video with resistance band exercises for a great lower body workout:

  • Duration: 15-20 minutes
  • Warm up: included
  • Number of exercises: 7 (+ 4 warm-up exercises)
  • Muscle groups: abs, legs and butt
  • What you need: resistance bands, exercise mat 

This 15 to 20 minute (incl. warm up) resistance band workout is easy to integrate into your day. Work your abs, legs and butt with these home exercises. Just grab your resistance bands and get started! 

Can’t get enough? Get more resistance band exercises to add variety to your training or put together your own resistance band workout with these suggestions.