Links 7/9/2020

Spreading rock dust on fields could remove vast amounts of CO2 from air Guardian (David L)

Earth’s magnetic field changes 10 times faster than once thought LiveScience (Kevin W)

Why Is Glass Rigid? Signs of Its Secret Structure Emerge. Quanta (David L)

The Best Veterinary Telemedicine Services Wired. Gah.

From floating guts to ‘sticky’ blood – here’s how to do surgery in space The Conversation (Kevin W)

The Far Side Returns After 25 Years, and It’s All Digital The Verge

Oregon to officially vote on legalizing psychedelic psilocybin therapy New Atlas (David L)


Trump’s Tulsa rally ‘likely’ source of virus surge MPR News (Chuck L)

An Antidote to Helplessness and Disorientation: The Great Humanistic Philosopher and Psychologist Erich Fromm on Our Human Fragility as the Key to Our Survival and Our Sanity BrainPicking (Chuck L)


COVID-19: Many People Stay Sick After Recovering From Coronavirus Der Spiegel (resilc). Finally some numbers. This story says 1 in 10, but that is presumably a German or European estimate.

The emerging spectrum of COVID-19 neurology: clinical, radiological and laboratory findings Brain

The Path to Zero: Key Metrics For COVID Suppression Pandemics Explained (resilc)

If you’re over 75, catching covid-19 can be like playing Russian roulette MIT Technology Review

People with Neanderthal Genes May Have Higher Risk of Contracting COVID-19 Interesting Engineering (Chuck L)

Brain problems linked to even mild virus infections: study Agence France-Presse (resilc)

Coronavirus has caused a huge spike in drug overdoses nationwide Washington Post (UserFriendly)

Mounting Evidence Suggests Coronavirus is Airborne—but Health Advice Has Not Caught Up Scientific American (David L). This kerfluffle is really overdone and is based on the not-clear-cut difference between droplet and aerosol transmission. Basically, masks help reduce both. 6′ social distancing may not be adequate even for droplets but that has not been widely discussed. Next?


As coronavirus surges, Houston confronts its hidden toll: People dying at home NBC (furzy)

Coronavirus Is Blowing Up America’s Higher Education System Vanity Fair (J-LS)

Buccaneers coach says his players will ‘all get sick’ when NFL returns Houston Chronicle (resilc)

Census Workers Say Coronavirus Protections Insufficient Intercept

OMG, this is Lowndes County, Alabama. It has only 11,000 people but far and away the highest per capita rate of Covid-19 infections and deaths in the state. I remember this segment; I watched it more than once:

Mexico border towns try to stop Americans crossing amid Covid-19 fears Guardian

Political Responses

Trump wages war on CDC over ‘tough’ school reopening policy after lashing out at Dr Fauci Sun and Coronavirus: Trump threatens to cut school funding, slams CDC reopening guidelines CNBC


Economists Think Congress Could Create An Economic Disaster This Summer FiveThirtyEight

NYC Rental Market Pushed to Breaking Point by Tenant Debts Bloomberg

Coronavirus: United Airlines and American Airlines stop resumed Hong Kong services over mandatory Covid-19 testing concerns South China Morning Post

Coronavirus ‘collateral damage’ hits U.S. rural power providers Reuters


China’s Great Firewall Descends On Hong Kong Internet Users Guardian

The Political Logic of China’s Strategic Mistakes Project Syndicate (David L)

China reverts to its dirty coal ways Asia Times


Territorial nationalism a dead end for Modi Asia Times

Why India and Russia Are Going to Stay Friends Foreign Policy

New Cold War

U.S. & UK intensify campaign against Russia; UK harks back to first pillar of new Cold War, the Magnitsky hoax Lucy Komisar


Afghanistan: What is to be Done? CounterPunch (resilc)

UN Special Rapporteur: US Drone Strike killing Iranian Gen. Soleimani was Unlawful Juan Cole

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

ThiefQuest Ransomware for the Mac Bruce Schneier

Supreme Court expands religious rights with trio of rulings The Hill

Why It Took So Long to Defeat the Atlantic Coast Pipeline Slate (Kevin W)


New York Times lays out conditions for Biden to debate Trump… or loophole to get Joe out of live sparring RT (Kevin W)

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Police Unions Wield Massive Power in American Politics — For Now Rolling Stone (resilc)

We Don’t Need Cops to Enforce Traffic Laws Vice

Defund the Pentagon, Too Nation (resilc)

Our Fabulously Free Press

Facebook civil-rights record hammered in own review BBC (David L)

Too Little, Too Late: Facebook’s Oversight Board Won’t Launch Until ‘Late Fall’ TechCrunch

Resistance Radio – Guest: Vince Emanuele (leeto). Have not checked this out, so reader input welcome.

How Narcissistic Leaders Destroy from Within Stanford Business (Kevin W). The lady doth protest too much. MBA programs select for and encourage narcissism.

Brooks Brothers files for bankruptcy, seeks buyer, closes stores CNBC (resilc)

Post Office Delivery Trucks Keep Catching on Fire Vice

Robinhood Has Lured Young Traders, Sometimes With Devastating Results New York Times

Explainer: What 1.1 million foreign students contribute to the U.S. economy Reuters

Antidote du jour (CV):

And a bonus from Pat S (warning, borderline anti-antidote):

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