Links 7/20/2020

I suppose it’s possible to consider comet Neowise an omen, but I think it’s very beautiful:

Bacteria that eats metal accidentally discovered by scientists in the US CNN. What could go wrong?

US Covid-19 surge could trigger a double-dip recession FT. So much for the V-shaped recovery.

R Is for Recession Unless We Can Go Below 1 John Authers, Bloomberg

When the U.S. sneezes, the world catches a cold. What happens when it has severe COVID-19? Reuters

Tech’s Increasing Dependence on Foreign Students, in Six Charts OneZero

Landmark copyright infringement case against Qatar Airways to be heard in English courts PRS for Music (dk).


‘No mask, no entry. Is that clear enough? That seems pretty clear, right?’ WaPo. Very sad story; we seem to have outsourced mask enforcement to, well, essential workers. “No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.” Why is that so hard to understand?

‘Bizarre’ that face masks are a partisan issue, NIH chief says Los Angeles Times

* * *

Smartphones and COVID-19 transmission: What we know so far ABC

Coronavirus can live for four days on animal skin: US military study South China Morning Post

Australian researches detect SARS-CoV-2 virus in wastewater from planes and cruise ships News Medical Australia. A single pooled test for aircraft!

Quarantine hotel sex scandal linked to coronavirus outbreak in Australian city of Melbourne CNN (dk). From July 2, still germane. Sex between quarantined international arrivals and — let me guess, privatized… Yep! — guards.

* * *

Russian Elite Given Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine Since April Bloomberg

* * *

Moderna executives hiked their stock sales after announcing positive vaccine trial CBS

Tiny U.K. Company’s Stock Soars 373% as Drug Cuts Covid-19 Risk Bloomberg

* * *

Fauci: ‘The Virus Is a Formidable Foe’ MedScape

State Department releases cable that launched claims that coronavirus escaped from Chinese lab WaPo

Isabel Schnabel: Never waste a crisis – COVID-19, climate change and monetary policy Bank of International Settlements. Read all the way to the end.

The Bahamas to ban most international flights as coronavirus cases surge NBC. Dang.

Sustaining Rural Hospitals After COVID-19 The Case for Global Budgets JAMA

‘The pandemic is gaining momentum’: Africa prepares for surge in infections FT


China’s central bank has better stimulus options than the Fed FT

China Churned Out a Record 3 Million Tons of Steel a Day in June Yahoo Finance

Global warming and illegal land reclamation add to severe floods in China South China Morning Post

China Seizes Tycoon’s Assets The Wire China

Tinker Tailor Soldier Investor – the problem with Chinese stocks Hong Kong Free Press

Doubts raised over widespread use of rapid tests in virus-stricken Indonesia Straits Times

Malaysia and Goldman Sachs restart talks in last-ditch bid to reach 1MDB settlement Straits Times

Malaysia losing up to 25% of palm oil yield due to labour crunch: MPOA Reuters


Media Conceal—or Celebrate—Depriving Syrians of Food and Medicine FAIR

The Inexorable Collapse of Lebanon Der Spiegel

Could War With Iran Be an October Surprise? New York Magazine


Insults, slammed fists: EU virus summit goes into 4th day AP

Banana Republic Corruption Craig Murray

London real estate having a normal one:

Trump Transition

Scoop: Trump’s license to skirt the law Axios. Based on John Yoo’s How the Supreme Court’s DACA Decision Harms the Constitution, the Presidency, Congress, and the Country, which was apparently too much, even for Yoo.

Transcript: ‘Fox News Sunday’ interview with President Trump FOX

Trump demands payroll tax cut while GOP eyes benefit cuts for unemployed WaPo.

Gunman posing as delivery driver kills son of U.S. judge presiding over Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit, wounds her husband Globe and Mail. This is the suit brought against Deutsche Bank by investors “who claim the company made false and misleading statements about its anti-money laundering policies and failed to monitor “high-risk” customers including convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.” So “Deutsche Bank” would be better in the headline than “Jeffrey Epstein,” but less clickbait-y.

Police State Watch

Portland Police Union Burns, Officers Assault Crowds During July 18 Protests Portland Mercury

50 Days Of Protest In Portland. A Violent Police Response. This Is How We Got Here. Oregon Public Broadcasting

Partially blinded by police WaPo

We Reviewed Police Tactics Seen in Nearly 400 Protest Videos. Here’s What We Found. Pro Publica

Pelosi, Blumenaur condemn ‘egregious abuses of power’ by Trump against Oregon protestors The Hill. Maybe they’ll send a sternly worded letter:

The laws they wrote, the programs they funded… “GAHH! Kreplach!”

CBP does end run around warrants, simply buys license plate-reader data Ars Technica

Our Famously Free Press

Worker-Run News Outlets Are Good News for the Labor Movement Truthout

Sports Desk

Opinion: NFL had the most time to deal with COVID-19 and appears to have done the least USA Today

Guillotine Watch

A private island off the coast of Ireland just sold for $6 million. The buyer only saw it in a video tour CNN

Class Warfare

Labor Group Pushes For Nationwide ‘Strike For Black Lives’ On July 20 Forbes. That’s today!

July 20 Strike for Black Lives: This Historic Organizing Effort Is Demanding Economic Justice for Black Workers Teen Vogue. The Teamsters weigh in:

Google and Lyft Workers Tell Us Why They’re Striking for Black Lives Matter Vice

There are two COVID Americas. One hopes for an extension of federal unemployment and stimulus. The other is saving and spending. USA Today

Hallmark’s Christmas Movie Schedule for 2020 Is Here to Make Your Spirits Bright Good Housekeeping. Something to look forward to at last.

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