Links 7/12/2020

Everything You Need To Make Beer, Wine, Cider, and Mead Wired

Jack Charlton: a footballing giant who was forever a man of the people Guardian

The death of the bra: will the great lingerie liberation of lockdown last? Guardian.

The ugly truth behind the First World War’s Chinese labourers Independent. Robert Fisk.

Survivors recount Bosnia’s Srebrenica genocide, 25 years on Al Jazeera


Coronavirus deaths take a long-expected turn for the worse AP

COVID-19 Cases Are Rising, so Why Are Deaths Flatlining? Atlantic

US withdrawal from WHO is unlawful and threatens global and US health and security The Lancet

Bill Nye Makes A PSA On TikTok About How Effective Different Face Masks Are, Goes Viral Bored Panda

Trump wears mask in public for first time during pandemic AP

You Can Make Millions Selling Masks to the Government in Three Easy Steps ProPublica

The lives upended around a $20 cheeseburger WaPo My cooking skills fall far short of those of a chef inf a fancy restaurant. But I never press down on my burgers when they’re grilling, or you lose the juices. And I’m told I make a mean burger. My husband often opts for one rather than a steak when given a choice. Readers?


A plasma shot could prevent coronavirus. But feds and makers won’t act, scientists say LA Times. I took one of these shots, back when an Oxford student, when I wanted to protect myself from hepatitis A during a trip. Twinrix wasn’t  available then and this was the only option then.

All about Biocon’s Itolizumab, psoriasis drug approved for emergency use in Covid patients The Print

WHO still skeptical SARS-CoV-2 lingers in air—despite what the NYT says Ars Technica

If the coronavirus is really airborne, we might be fighting it the wrong way MIT Technology Review

Travel Tumbles

AirAsia’s future in doubt as share price tumbles Asia Times

Bar Harbor Closes its Port to Cruise Ships for 2020 The Maritime Executive

Chinese Travelers Will Be Ready, Will You? Jing Travel

American Passports Are Worthless Now (Map) India Samarajiva

Imperial Collapse Watch

After the Liberal International Order Project Syndicate. Joseph Nye, Jr.  This is about the same as the pope saying it’s time to think of what will replace the Christianity thing.

Waste Watch

Mountains of Microplastics Forming at the Bottom of the Ocean TreeHugger

House hearing highlights political divide over plastics and pandemic response Waste Dive

Class Warfare

Airline Industries Laid Off Workers, Then Got Money Meant to Prevent Layoffs TruthOut

Nurse Strike Wave Grows – Latina Nurses Face Retaliation for Reporting Racism – Houston Nurses Strike Payday Report

Left Behind By the Coronavirus Der Spiegel

NYT Acknowledges Need for Economic Change—Without Crediting Those Who Would Bring It FAIR

It’s Official — Steven Pinker Is Full of Shit Jacobin.I met him once at a literary festival and see no reason to disagree with this assessment.

Health Care

The Scandal of Our Drug Supply New York Review of Books

Failed State Watch

Flailing States: Pankaj Mishra on Anglo-America London Review of Books

The BBC World War Two Porn Page Craig Murray


Robert Mueller: Roger Stone remains a convicted felon, and rightly so WaPo

Liberals Are Crazy Idiots Caitlin Johnstone. Could have filed under many categories, but I think it  fits best here.

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Police Execute Search Warrant At Home of Gun-toting Couple AP

Portland Place couple who confronted protesters have a long history of not backing down St. Louis Post-Dispatch

ISS urges companies to disclose ethnicity of directors FT


Narendra Modi Is Not Creating the India That Returning Indians Will Want to Live in The Wire

Acute financial distress brought on by the COVID-19 lockdown is leading to suicides Caravan

Food Security and COVID-19: Why India’s Public Distribution System Requires an Overhaul Economic and Political Weekly

Amitabh Bachchan and Son Abhishek Test Positive for COVID-19 The revered septuagenarian  Indian movie star and his son, also an actor. A bit like Tom and Colin Hanks, but on a much bigger scale. His Mumbai residence is now a containment zone.

India-China Joust

India’s China Strategy Is Changing Project Syndicate, Shashi Tharoor.

Why India and China’s latest dispute could cost both sides greatly SCMP

l’affaire Jeffrey Epstein

‘I’m no Cruella de Vil’: Ghislaine Maxwell insists she is not an ‘evil villain’, had not seen Jeffrey Epstein in 15 years, did not introduce Prince Andrew to him and is being moved from cell to cell in prison for her safety. Daily Mail.

Julian Assange

THE REVELATIONS OF WIKILEAKS: No. 8—Busting the Myth WikiLeaks Published Nothing on Israel & Syria Consortium News

Antidote du jour. TH: Chukar partridge in Trona, California (Mojave desert)

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