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EU set to ban US travelers due to Covid-19, reports say


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San Francisco pauses reopening

Following a surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in California, governor Gavin Newsom is urging one desert county to once again reinstitute a shelter-in-place order, and San Francisco has paused its reopening.

In the last day, California had 4,890 new positive cases and 79 deaths. Hospitalizations increased by 3.3% and intensive care unit cases went up by 4.4%.

While the state is testing now more than before – 77,000 in the last day alone – positivity rates remain the main focus. In the last day, the positivity rate was at 5.3%, while in the last seven days, the rate was at 5.7%. The threshold for reopening was that the rate should not cross more than 8%.

Imperial county, a small southern block of desert bordering Mexico and Arizona with a population of 181,000, has a positivity rate of 23%. In the past seven days, the county has reported 680 new cases, bringing the county’s total count to 5,838.

From the start, Newsom has emphasized that the “size and scope and scale of California requires a disciplined understanding that there are parts of the state that are very distinct and unique from other parts of the state”. With that understanding, he believes that local counties and health officers must make the correct decisions for their jurisdictions while following state guidelines.

“To the extent that they don’t, we will advise as we have in Imperial county that they do and we reserve the right in our authority as a state to pull back,” Newsom said. He applauded San Francisco’s decision to pause its reopening following 103 new cases on Thursday. The delayed Monday opening would have included hair salons, museums, outdoor bars, tattoo parlors and zoos.

London Breed

Our reopening process is guided by data and science.

COVID-19 cases are rising throughout CA. We’re now seeing a rise in cases in SF too. Our numbers are still low but rising rapidly.

As a result, we’re temporarily delaying the re-openings that were scheduled for Monday.

June 26, 2020

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