Coronavirus live news: Russia reports over 6,600 new cases; UK Labour signals support for stricter mask rules

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UK: Michael Gove falls short of committing to face mask rules

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UK Labour party could support making face masks mandatory in shops

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In Australia, Queensland has urged any of its residents who have visited Sydney’s Crossroads Hotel, which is the site of a recent outbreak, to get tested and isolate immediately.

The same advice has already been given to residents of NSW after nine cases were linked to the busy hotel, which is popular with freight drivers and other travellers. The state’s deputy Premier and minister for health, Steven Miles, said the outbreak was concerning and he encouraged Queenslanders to respond appropriately.

“Any Queenslanders who have been to the Crossroads Hotel from July 3 to July 10 inclusive should get Covid-19 tested as soon as possible and then immediately self-isolate,” Miles said. “The hotel is a busy stopover for many travellers, so it is very likely that there are a number of Queenslanders who have been there during this period.”

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Russia reports 6,615 new cases

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Tokyo confirms 206 new cases