Coronavirus: Asymptomatic testing for taxi drivers and cleaners

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People in “high-contact” professions, including taxi drivers, sales assistants and pharmacists are to be able to get tested for coronavirus even if they don’t have symptoms.

The NHS said employers including Addison Lee and Boots will take part.

Care workers and some NHS staff already have access to “asymptomatic” testing.

As part of the pilot, local authorities in Bradford, Newham, Brent and Oldham, will also offer the tests to those identified as vulnerable to the virus.

The expansion of routine testing is designed to look both at how much demand there is for testing among this group and at how different occupations are being affected by the virus.

People recruited to the pilot through their employer will either be given access to a home test or an appointment at a mobile testing unit via their business.

The councils involved will use the capacity they have at their local testing sites to book specific times for people taking part in the pilot.