Best inexpensive white wines and rosé

Sharing some of the best inexpensive white wines that I’ve found at Trader Joe’s, Target, and Costco. This is a follow-up to my post about the best inexpensive red wines! <— I need to add my current faves to this list: Meiomi Pinot Noir and Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Hands in the air if you’re extra thankful for wine over the past few months. I mean, I’ve always LOVED wine, but something about ‘Rona wine has just really lifted my proverbial spirits. Before all of this, I was having a glass of wine maybe 1-2 times a week.. and now, it’s up to 3-5 per week. During this crazy time, I’m all about finding joy however you can. Wine and shopping are bringing me joy.

It’s funny that I’m writing this post because I love ALL wine. I used to veer towards red, but over the past year, I started to really fall in love with white wines. So now, if you give me anything made with fermented grapes, there’s a chance I’ll really like it. I’m also the worst wine taster ever. “It has notes of butter… and fruit… and the inside of a latex balloon.” Very much a wine expert here, folks.

Anyway, these are some of the best inexpensive white wines I’ve found lately! I’d love to hear about any wines you love in the comments section or your go-to cocktail. (Pro tip: Total Wine is doing curbside pickup and you can also get wine curbside at Whole Foods)

Butter chardonnay

California – Butter Chardonnay has aromas of apple pie and a rich creaminess that surrounds you at each sip. Aged in oak, this wine sees brightness, complexity and depth in the creaminess.

This is my #1 favorite wine right now. It’s very inexpensive – usually around $14- and is SO good out of the fridge. It’s bright and fruity and delicious.

Betrand Cote de Roses Rosé

I get this bottle whenever we head to Costco. It’s also around $14 and the bottle itself is gorgeous with the rose bottom! If you want to give wine as a gift, this bottle is beautiful and unique. (It also tastes amazing so there ya go.)

Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New Zealand – A full flavored, medium-bodied wine, with an abundance of vibrand currant and gooseberry flavors, that linger on the dry, clean finish. Enjoy with salads, poultry, shellfish and Pan-Asian cuisine.

This one is light and a bit on the drier side. It’s really delicious with a giant salad or sushi.

La Marca Prosecco

Veneto, Italy- La Marca Prosecco is a fresh sparkling wine with a vibrant bouquet of apple, white peach and honeysuckle. The soft, harmonious fruity notes highlighted by pleasant acidity make this wine ideal for any occasion.

This is just a bubbly fruity dream. It feels celebratory and fun without a high price point. It’s around $12 a bottle and they also sell the mini bottles at Target and Walgreen’s. (I’ve left these on friends’ doorsteps with a little succulent and chocolate bar as a fun treat during these weirdo times.)

Apothic White Wine Blend

California- Apothic White is an approachable blend that combines Chardonnay, Riesling and Moscato to create a luscious, vibrant wine in the bold style of Apothic. Intense flavors of peach, pineapple, honey and vanilla spice make this smooth white blend unforgettable.

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It’s only $9 and very smooth – no bite at all.

So tell me, friends: what’s something small that’s bringing you joy right now? Wine lovers: team red or white wine?