Australia news live update: Melbourne to set Covid lockdown world record, Dominic Perrottet set to become NSW premier

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Melbourne claims unwanted lockdown record

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‘Cheerleader for the let-it-rip brigade’: federal Labor slams likely NSW premier

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While Melbourne escaped major damage in last month’s magnitude 5.9 earthquake, experts say thorough building inspections are needed to check for any undetected problems.

Buildings in Melbourne – particularly structures with masonry and reinforced concrete – may be vulnerable to “significant damage” even with low seismic activity, according to scientists who have assessed the impacts of the 22 September tremor.

Mark Quigley, an associate professor of earthquake science at the University of Melbourne, says: “Parts of Melbourne have extreme vulnerability to relatively low intensities of ground shaking.”

After the magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck near Mansfield in September, scientists “raced to the scene” to monitor the seismic activity around the epicentre.

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