Australia Covid news live: PM announces change to isolation time as nation records more than 32,000 cases; NT introduces indoor masks after 60 cases

Happy New Year, Australia!

Despite the tough times we’ve been through these past few years, we can always be thankful in Australia that we live in what we know is the best country in the world.

And it’s not just the physical beauty of Australia, it’s who we are as a people.

It’s the care we show for each other that has been so richly on display during the many trials we have been through this past year.

It’s our freedom and our preparedness to stand up for that freedom when it counts.

It’s our unique sense of the fair go and the responsibility and obligations we know we have to each other and our country, that’s part of the fair go. We’re a quietly confident people with an optimistic spirit.

That is why, despite the pandemic, despite the floods, the fires, continuing drought in some areas, the cyclones, the lockdowns, even mice plagues, Australia is stronger today than we were a year ago. And we’re safer.

Scott Morrison

‘In 2022 we are looking forward’: Scott Morrison. Photograph: Mick Tsikas/AAP

We have one of the lowest death rates and the highest vaccination rates from Covid anywhere in the world. And we have one of the strongest advanced economies in the world to come through Covid – there’s more people in work, more apprentices in training, a secure credit rating and businesses investing in their future with confidence.

That gives us confidence to face what lies ahead. Our work in 2022 is to continue to keep our economy strong, to keep Australians safe, to care for our country and work even harder to keep Australians together. Our plans are to ensure Australians grow together, not apart. To ensure that especially rural and regional parts of our country share in the same benefits and opportunities as in our cities.

This summer you can play your part in keeping Australians safe by going out there and getting your booster shot and ensuring that children aged five to 11 go and get their vaccinations as well.

In 2022 we are looking forward. It’s like the kangaroo and the emu on our Coat of Arms – they never take a backwards step.

Now as we keep supporting each other, Australia, we will be even stronger, even safer and always together. There’s a lot to do in 2022. Happy New Year, Australia!