Australia Covid live update: NSW reports record 1,218 cases and six deaths; Victoria extends lockdown after 92 infections

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The Victorian premier Daniel Andrews has ruled out the possibility of ending Covid lockdown this Thursday, after the state announced 92 new cases of community transmission on Sunday, its highest daily total this year.

“Sadly, with these sorts of numbers, it is only fair that we be as upfront as possible and we make it clear to the community that we will not be able to open up, take all these rules off, in just a few days’ time,” Andrews said.

“We will get advice in the coming days. Decisions will also be made and they will be announced very soon thereafter as we always have done. This is – these are difficult numbers.”

Andrews said Victorian authorities are determined to avoid the massive surge in Covid-19 cases and strain on the healthcare system that New South Wales is experiencing.

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Sydney teenagers have spoken to Guardian Australian about their terrifying Covid experience.

Celebrating a birthday, within Covid guidelines, was enough to put three 18-year-olds in quarantine. Then one ended up in hospital unable to breathe or walk.

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Three arrested at anti-lockdown protest near NSW-Queensland border

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South Australia announces 14 new Covid exposure sites

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