Australia Covid live news update: Morrison acknowledges vaccine rollout problems; NSW records 110 new local cases, South Australia 12 and Victoria 22

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Earlier today, Scott Morrison called a press conference outside the Lodge – which raises some questions about how he is allowed to do that given ACT public health orders require people who are self-isolating not to leave their premises and not to allow others in.

Guardian Australia understands that the press conference had the clearance of the (commonwealth) chief medical officer.
We asked ACT Health whether the press conference was allowed.

An ACT Health spokesperson responded:

“ACT Health advice to parliamentarians and the commonwealth government is consistent with the guidance for entry into the ACT for essential parliamentary business. Requests from parliamentarians to depart from these guidelines are referred to the commonwealth government for advice.

“With any exemption, ACT Health relies on the employer to determine what is essential work and to put in place appropriate measures to mitigate risk.”

It seems that ACT Health defers to the commonwealth when it comes to parliamentarians and whether a press conference constitutes essential work

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New exposure sites released for NSW

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New cases linked to potential super-spreader events, SA chief public health officer says

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Steven Marshall announces South Australia has recorded 12 new cases

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