Australia coronavirus news live: Tighter restrictions in force for NYE as Sydney’s Croydon cluster causes concern and Victoria announces new cases

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Victorians arriving after 1 January must go into hotel quarantine

I have just spoken to the premier’s office in Victoria to clarify how the hard border with New South Wales will work.

Obviously, the government wants to reserve as many hotel quarantine spots as possible for returning international travellers, who are at highest risk of carrying the virus. That’s why the hard border is taking effect from 11.59pm tomorrow [Friday] – to give as many Victorians still in NSW as much time to get back as possible to avoid a hotel quarantine influx.

Victorians returning before 11.59pm tonight will be tested at the airport and told to isolate at home until a test result comes through. Victorians arriving before 11.59pm tomorrow will be tested and required to isolate at home for 14 days. Anyone who arrives after that will go into mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine.

Most airlines are expected to cancel all but one or two flights by then, with those flights usually reserved for people granted approval to travel on compassionate grounds, and for cargo.

The clear message to Victorians in NSW is get back now.

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WA border closed to Victoria for all but ‘exempt travellers’

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