Australia coronavirus live update: Victoria records 70 new cases and five deaths as NSW relaxes border rules

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The Senate voted last night on a series of amendments to the jobkeeper 2.0 legislation but the government won narrowly on all counts.

Labor’s plans to prevent legacy employers retaining industrial relations flexibility was defeated, as was the attempt to put in an extra safeguard so employers couldn’t cut workers’ hours so far that their wages would be lower than jobkeeper.

The Greens almost had the numbers for a bid to give the Fair Work Commission powers to oversee disputes about jobkeeper eligibility – but it was blocked 24-all.
Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts were absent but paired with the government for the votes.

Jacqui Lambie and Rex Patrick voted with Labor and the Greens. Stirling Griff voted mostly with the Coalition, but against them on the question of FWC oversight.

There are a few more amendments to vote on, including the Greens attempt to prevent a lower payment rate for part-time workers. But given Labor has said it will vote through the bill without amendment, it looks like a foregone conclusion.

Hanson was on Sky News last night making some cryptic remarks a little bit critical of people on welfare.

She said:

“Jobkeeper and jobseeker is a way of life – [people think] ‘I don’t need to work, I’m making more money than I made beforehand.’ … If you’re offered a job – I suggest you’d better take it.”

Hanson also warned about early access to superannuation:

“When people have asked for a loan, banks have asked if you’ve accessed your super. We’ve had 1.4m who have accessed their super, you’d better think twice because you won’t get a loan from the banks [if you do]. There is so much hardship as we come out of this because we’ve propped up everyone – we can’t keep doing it.”

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Victoria records 70 new cases, five deaths

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